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    New head design for perfect finnese style jigging. Flat eyelet and the streamline shaped head design creates less snagging in tight cover. Great combination of fine round rubber and fine cut silicone skirts make unique presentation in the water. High performance trailer keeper. Made with high quality ‘Viper Hook’.

    480309 Blue Black 1/2oz
    480310 Brown Blck 1/2oz
    480311 Green Black 1/2oz
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    The Damiki D-Seven Spinerbait is a single willow leaf lure designed for finesse fishing.

    480505 1/4oz Black Red
    480507 1/4oz Chartreuse
    480506 1/4oz Chartreuse White
    480508 1/4oz Gold Silver
    480509 1/4oz Olive Silver
    480510 1/4oz White

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    These offset hooks from Damiki are super sharp and feature Damiki’s outward needlepoint that eases hooksets on the lightest bite. Damiki Offset Worm Hooks are available in five sizes to cover most any situation you’ll encounter on the water.

    480273 #1/0 9pp
    480274 #2/0 9pp
    480275 #3/0 8pp
    480276 #4/0 7pp
    480277 #5/0 6pp
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    The M-hull turbulence design of the Damiki MTS Spinnerbait cause this bait to run much better than traditional spinnerbait head designs. The design helps the M.T.S crawl over cover much better than other designs precenting snags and roll overs. The Skirt of the M.T.S is a mixture of fine and regular cut silicone to give off a flaring natural look when retrieved. The M.T.S Spinnerb ait features high quality components as well as a super sharp Damiki Viper Hook.

    480387 1/4oz Black Red
    480385 1/4oz Chartreuse
    480386 1/4oz Chartreuse White
    480388 1/4oz Gold Silver
    480389 1/4oz Olive Silver
    480384 1/4oz White


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    The Damiki Mausrin Jighead features an innovative free-swinging design, which consists of a super sharp EWG hook attached by a split ring to the center of a unique bullet shaped weight. This provides your bait with a free range of motion for increased fish attracting action and maximum movement. Ideal for fishing through rocks and a variety of structure, or in place of a shaky head, simply rig the Damiki Mausrin Jighead like you would a standard Texas-rig and go to work

    480070 Black 1,8g
    480071 Black 3,5g
    480072 Black 5,3g
    480073 Black 7,1g
  • 480617480615

    The Damiki Air Frog is a new type of frog in that it employs the use of hollow air chambers in the arms for extra buoyancy. It also has a hook hiding belly slit to keep this bait from hanging up in the thickest slop cover. The hollow cavities in the arms allow the frog to stay afloat much like a pontoon boat. The design of the frog also has the frog upright and will always be able to flip over onto its belly. The legs allow the Air Frog to be buzzed across open water surfaces or hopped along thick cover like a traditional frog.

    480617 4Inch Pearl White 4pp
    480615 4Inch Black 4pp
    480614 4Inch Green Pumpkin 4pp
    480613 4Inch Junebug 4pp
    480616 4Inch Watermelon Candy 4pp
    480612 4Inch Watermelon Red 4pp
    480611 4Inch Watermelon Seed 4pp
  • 480511480512

    New M-hull type head design makes this bait run better than traditional design baits. MTB is equipped with a extremely sharp “Viper Hook”. It creates a better swim action, less snagging and rolling at high retrieve speeds. A nice combination of fine cut and regular cut silicone skirts make a great life like action when it swims in the water.

    480511 Chartreuse White 3/8oz
    480512  White 3/8oz
  • 480032_mr_jumbo_black_silver_purple480462_mr_jumbo_black_ii

    Damiki Mr Jumbo Grubs have taken the South African market by storm. The thick body and pulsing tail have fooled many a bass. The bait is heavy enough to be fished weightless, otherwise it is equally effective on a texas or mojo rig. Salt impregnated and flavored with Damiki’s secret bass attracting scent.  It is versatile lure in any application.

    480032 4,5Inch Black Silver Purple Flake 8pp
    480462 4,5Inch Black II 8pp
    480034 4,5Inch Black with Red Flake 8pp
    480011 4,5Inch Black Mix Flake 8pp
    480218 4,5Inch Green Pumpkin 8pp
    480466 4,5Inch Green Pumpkin Red II 8pp
    480010 4,5Inch Green Pumpkin II 8pp
    480008 4,5Inch Junebug 8pp
    480035 4,5Inch OrignelGreen Pumpkin 8pp
    480033 4,5Inch Purple Bruiser 8pp
    480007 4,5Inch Root Cinnamon 8pp
    480041 4,5Inch Watermelon Candy 8pp
    480463 4,5Inch Watermelon Gold II 8pp
    480039 4,5Inch Watermelon Mix Flake 8pp
    480464 4,5Inch Watermelon Red II 8pp
    480465 4,5Inch Watermelon Seed II 8pp